In the next 60 seconds, you will know where you stand.

If you are at risk of failing, then I'll tell you what you can do about it.

Good luck on your test!
This quiz was developed by Jay Wilson, owner-editor of HairFollicleDrugTest.info
DISCLAIMER: I am not a medical professional. This quiz is based on my personal research *

This quiz is not affiliated with a professional testing facility nor a licensed medical professional. I am not qualified to provide medical advice or offer a medical, psychiatric or professional opinion.

None of the advice mentioned in this quiz is FDA-tested and approved for beating a hair drug test.  I learned all of this the same way you would: by researching the crap out of it online and by talking to people who've been through this experience.

I do not condone using these methods to circumvent legal authorities or civil actions.

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When is your next hair test?
(a guesstimate is fine) *

What is your sex? *

During the past 4 months, how many times have you used {{answer_36218485}}? *

Please be honest.
When was the last time you used {{answer_36218485}} ? *

How many days will have elapsed between your last use on {{answer_36218806}} and your hair test on {{answer_36219213}} ?

(subtract one from the other, or use a calendar and count)

You don't need to do a thing.  
You haven't used enough {{answer_36218485}} to be detected on a hair test.  
Hair drug tests are designed to detect habitual, long term users.
And that's not you.

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The Bad News:  You probably have traces of {{answer_36218485}}in your hair, right now.
The Good News:  As long as you don't use again, you should have 90 days of clean hair on your head, by the time you take your test on {{answer_36219213}}. 

To eliminate any risk, cut your hair down to 1.5" in length all around your head, right before your test.

Good luck on your test!
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OH NO!!  You are at risk of failing your hair test.

You don't have enough time between your last use on {{answer_36218806}} and your hair test on {{answer_36219213}} to grow 1.5 inches of clean hair, the minimum required for a standard 90-day test. 

WHAT YOU CAN DO:  Don't shave your head. Your best bet is to clean your hair using one of two proven cleaning methods, Macujo or Jerry G

For detailed instructions on both of these methods, click the button below:
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